Food Tech Retail 2020

29 – 30 October

Hilton Garden Inn, Moscow, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya st., 11а-4
Digital-based new business models and technologies of food products sales. Innovations in last mile food production and logistics. New partnerships in business based on a generation shift in food consumption patterns.

Reinvention of Food Retail Forum with 20 years history

FoodTech is the solution for entering a new and most promising market today!

The food consumption pattern is undergoing the biggest shift in the last 50-60 years. Opportunities for new business in the eternal theme - the human nutrition system, today in the focus of all major investment funds in the world. Demand for convenience, speed and healthy lifestyle leads to the fact that foodtech projects are already taking their market share from food stores. And it is not only about online sales and food delivery! The new direction is based on personalization of the offer and digital technologies at all stages: production, sales and delivery.

This is exactly what we will talk about at FOOD TECH RETAIL 2020

For whom


Level of participants:

  • Founders
  • CEO
  • Commercial directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Directors of in-house production

"Continuing the traditions of the Food Business Forum, the new BBCG platform unites all key participants of the new chain of production and sale of food. These are modern market leaders - food retail, manufacturers, as well as the largest food tech projects and startups, investment funds and digital platforms.

In such circle everyone will solve their most important tasks in business development:

  • Attraction of financing;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of new business models and individual processes; Selection of the best partners for further growth;
  • Attraction of innovations for the "last mile" and innovations in the production of ready-to-eat meals;

And, of course, joint analysis of consumer behavior!

Welcome to a new business based on a generation shift in the food consumption pattern!"

Alexey Filatov,
Managing Director of B2B Conference Group


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Questions regarding the participation as a delegate
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